Why should I trust TourBar Affiliate program?
Although TourBar is a relatively new project, our team has an extensive experience, having worked in dating industry for over 10 years. Our well-established strategic partners Mamba.ru, Wamba.com and Mail.ru trust our expertise and skill.
Why should I join TourBar program?
TourBar Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money for projects with travelers traffic or international traffic. For instance, such projects will include - a favorite news website, that users read while traveling; city guide website, that travelers visit to learn about current events and sights; a hotel rating website.

Even if you convert most of your website traffic, you probably still have visitors from other countries, and they may turn out to be your traveling loyal users.
How to start? Five easy steps:
- Create an account with TourBar Affiliate program
- Choose spaces on your website that you wish to use for advertising
- Choose an appropriate promo material or create your own
- Make sure you have a right targeting of promo materials. TourBar is a specialized project. We are only interested in users who like traveling and they travel regularly.
- Add links with your id to your website and follow your reports and conversion rates.

Make sure to follow updates in “Marketing Materials” section. We will be constantly adding new, more effective materials.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or suggestions. You can do it via “Contact Us” section
What is your targeted audience?
Here are some demographic insights that will help you to attract the right users converting easily to payers. Our targeted audience are men, that like to travel and travel a lot. Users that subscribe are usually 35 years old or older and geographically located in the countries popular among tourists (European countries, resort Asian countries and Arabic countries). We also have good conversion rates among users geographically located in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries and U.S.A.
When users start to pay?
On average, it takes from a few days up to two weeks for a user to convert into a VIP member.